The Advantages and Disadvantages of Bathtub Refinishing

If you’ve found yourself looking at your bathtub and seriously considering a new one, you’re not alone. Home remodeling, particularly kitchen and bathroom remodeling, is hugely popular right now, and everyone wants their home to feel contemporary and fresh, not tired, worn out or outdated.

But you’re also probably aware that demolition and construction can be quite costly, and you want to keep expenses to a minimum. In this article, we’ll explain the advantages, as well as the disadvantages, of bathtub refinishing. Fair warning, though – there are very few disadvantages!

The Advantages of Bathtub Refinishing


A high quality refinishing job should last anywhere from ten to fifteen years. That being said, we’ll emphasize that “high quality” is the key phrase. A DIY refinishing kit purchased at one of the home improvement stores will not deliver a high-quality, durable refinishing result.

However, when you hire a professional refinisher to perform your bathtub refinishing project, they will ensure that proper preparation and restoration procedures are followed so that your bathtub will last for a long time.


Bathtub restoration utilizing the most modern techniques can be customized according to your individual taste with respect to recoloring, resurfacing and reglazing. In fact, the wide variety of colors and textures available is practically infinite.

Your bathtub refinishing expert will offer you the opportunity to custom-match your bathtub color to coordinate with other designer elements within your home. Of course, many of our clients turn to refinishing or recoloring merely to update the, shall we say, interesting color choices that were made twenty years ago or even longer.


When you choose to replace your bathtub, you are faced with with far more challenges than merely purchasing a new bathtub. You must consider the cost of demolition and removal of your current bathtub, making sure your new bathtub fits perfectly in the space, possibly rerouting of plumbing, new tile, trimming, hardware, or even flooring. The costs will begin to add up quite rapidly. Before you know it, a bathtub you purchased thought was a bargain at $350 has now mushroomed into a $1,500 construction project that has rendered your bathroom essentially useless for weeks. It’s not a pleasant process.

If you choose bathtub refinishing instead, the process is completed within 4-5 hours, with no demolition, no construction, no mess, and the bathtub is ready to use within 24 hours! And the price is far less than a complete replacement.

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