A Common Theme

When dealing with multi family homes, apartments, rentals, etc. High traffic and turnover is a common occurrence. People usually only stay in a place for a year or less. Which means that damage to the interior is practically unavoidable. Between the normal wear and tear of daily life, moving in and out and other variables, It’s hard to predict the state of the residence once it is unoccupied.

Whether it’s blemishes, chips, scratches or dings, burn marks or stains. Keeping things looking pristine for the next resident can often be a troublesome and costly task. Obviously no one wants to replace their countertops, bathtub, shower or sink, every time this occurs. The biggest problem that we find is that even if people decide to replace these things because of these issues previously stated, there’s no guarantee that it will not happen again in a short amount of time. This is where refinishing becomes the most cost effective solution and an ideal replacement alternative.

With refinishing you’re able to solve these problems at a fraction of the price of replacement and cut your turn time into practically nothing. It can take days, maybe weeks to replace these things and get everything back in shape for your next tenant. So while you may end up having to refinish things more than once over the course of time. It will always be a cheaper and smarter solution.

On top of it all, you’re never stuck with the same thing. Prestige Refinishing provides an endless amount of color options, finishes and styles to choose from. Your ability to change the appearance doesn’t have to be dictated by budget at every turn.

Next time you’re thinking about replacement…..THINK AGAIN!!